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    Completing different non teaching activites has become as essential as teaching in an educational institution now a days. As to our observation, managing these non teaching agendas in very places is much complicated and time taking. Handling any agenda and activities in such institutions demands that all the contents must be preserved accurately. In this way, processing these activities turns to be very difficult. With respect to dealing with such issues, the teachers of the institutions get involved to assist the activities. They greatly devote their precious time for this kind of agendas. But when such non teaching activities are held, the teachers can't concentrate on taking their classes regularly due to being engaged with the activities. As a result the students can't avail their lessons properly.

    Therefore, our sole objective is to provide a complete School Management Software, Skulex Software through which such kind of activities can be held easily so that the teachers can take their classes with full concentration under no pressure.

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Move Forward With Your Education

Skulex is a complete online School Management Software meeting 100% user need.

Skulex software is made by one of the pro experts of the software industry and keen to serve the society of the education with punctual service and determination. We duly evolved our efforts into the service of education following a tremendous grassroots level research work with teachers and modern education system. We are specialized in providing 100% client satisfactions and our objective is to ease all the burdens and reduce work pressure of being an administration of an institute by doing their time taking manual job very easy/quick and efficient way through digital automation so that School authority can focus on Student's academic growth.


  • We will train up the operating process to employees
  • On-site software assistance is provided on demand
  • Student data entry also provided on demand

Support & Service

  • Quick and instant service/Support within 1 hour of notification
  • 12 hours online support through chat or mail
  • 11 am to 5 pm Tele-support via dedicated help line

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