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  • Student Information

    Student Admission and Re-Admission Student Fees payment and Print out the receipt Track fee collection and outstanding amounts Searching Student details in different way Easy update and delete facility of student record Searching previous year back record of the students Searching Students who have outstanding fees Print desired student list by selection Easily certificate generation and print out

  • Marks Record

    Individual and Group Marks record entry Enter individual marks in the Tabulation Sheet Automatic total marks calculation Automatic Grade and Percentage Calculation Auto generate Merit list of each class Auto generate individual Mark sheet Print Mark Sheet and Merit list with School Name heading Easily Update and Delete facility of Marks record Assessment of marks in different way

  • Scholarship Record

    Kanyashree, Sikshashree,Pre-Matric, Post-Matric, Minority Fresh, Renewal and K1 - K2 mode Entry Number of Form received,distributed, report Uploded and finalized Forms report Searching Scholarship records by type, Mode Easily Update and Delete facility of scholarship record Print scholarship record

  • Student Medical Record

    Opening Stock of IFA and Albendazole Quantity of IFA and Albendazole received Batch no and Date of expiry of IFA Total IFA and Albendazole consumed by Students Balance IFA and Albendazole Students with moderate/severe anaemia referred IFA and Albendazole status

  • School Routine

    School Routine setup by very efficient way Routine in multiple mode- Class wise routine and Teacher wise routine Manage Routine by easy updating process Find Routine by a Class, Section, and Day Teacher Class records and absent record Auto preparation of Provisional class routine Save or Print out class routine

  • Mid-Day-Meal

    Daily Report Information Entry Prepare Mid-Day-Meal status report Mid-Day-Meal Account Entry Cook cum Helper Amount calculation Cooking Cost calculation Details and Details of Food Grain Utilisation Certificate preparation Contingency and Remuneration entry Total Expenditure and Closing Balance calculation Print Utilisation Certificate report

  • Staff Attendance

    Monitoring daily Attendance of staff Automated entry time generated on attendance Manage and track attendance records Creating absent record per teacher Searching Provisional class record of a teacher View teachers' weekly teaching schedule Getting student feedback report on individual teacher Assesment and Performance report of a teacher

  • Service Book

    Staff Personal information entry Date of appointment, termination, increment Scale of Pay, Special pay Period of duty, Vacation period Staff Leave management-Leave earned,Leave at credit Salary requisition (Payroll)Basic Pay, Special Pay Allowances P-tax entry, Income tax entry and Loan taken, Advance taken Gross and Net salary calculation Manage service record by easy update process Print out individual Payroll details

  • Provident Fund

    Monthly/Annual PF entry in very easy and effective entry sheet Monthly/Annual PF calculation and prepare report by very effective way Manage PF record by easy update process Searching individual PF record and prepare statement by individual Staff Searching Monthly/Annual PF record of the School Save or Print out annual PF report

  • Account Record

    Income/Expenditure management Daily Income/Expenditure total calculation Prepare Daily/Monthly/Yearly Statement Easy Repaid option for future payment Searching fund records by Selecting fund Searching fund records by date Finding Due payment status Adjust to Cash book and Balance sheet Save or print Daily/Monthly/Yearly statement

  • Teacher-Parent Interaction

    Teacher can inform parent about student's activity online Parent can interect with any teacher to know student's activity Teacher and Parent both can send message from both side Parent can have the activity report on extra-cariculam activity online Parent can have information about School event online Parent can give any suggestions to school management

  • Notice Board

    Enter notice in a proper format with date Notice wiil be visible to School authority Notice can be managed with easy update process Notice is also visible to Teachers and Students Notice in Bengali cab also be written Notice can be printed

  • SMS Notification

    Easy SMS writing form to send at mobile phone SMS can be send by group of receiver selection SMS can be send to Teacher, Student and Parent Any school event can be notified through SMS Student report can be send to Paret through SMS

  • Library Management System

    Book data record entry in entry sheet Searching Books by Title or Author name Finding a particular book stock Book assign to students Book stock management

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Kanyashree Scholarship

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